No Speakers – April 2024

No Speakers – April 2024

Despite the venue’s challenges, I managed to create an effective visual setup. The space had its merits – a great sound system and overall atmosphere – but the black walls and extremely low ceilings posed significant obstacles for projections.

Initially, I planned to use two screens flanking the DJ. However, the confined space made it difficult to achieve proper screen sizes and optimal projection angles. After some consideration, I devised a creative solution: custom-built MDF screens tailored to the venue’s unique constraints.

To overcome the awkward projection angles, I employed Madmapper software. This allowed me to precisely map and adjust the output, ensuring crisp, well-aligned visuals despite the less-than-ideal projector positions.

The end result exceeded my expectations. The custom screens and careful mapping produced a visually striking display that complemented the venue’s atmosphere, proving that with some ingenuity, even challenging spaces can be transformed into immersive environments.

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