Utopia Frequency – February 2024

Utopia Frequency – February 2024

The Utopia Frequency events have become a welcome semi-regular fixture in my calendar, consistently offering unique and interesting venues. Their latest choice, Bunker 51 in Southeast London, was particularly intriguing. By day, this space serves as a paintball arena, providing a distinctive backdrop for their event.

The venue’s expansive layout offered numerous creative possibilities. I took full advantage of this by installing several freestanding screens for back projection. Additionally, I strategically placed projectors to beam light and colour into the crowd and create interesting visuals on the exposed concrete beams, enhancing the industrial aesthetic.

The event itself was a resounding success. The crowd’s energy was palpable, and the crew’s professionalism was outstanding, contributing to a seamless experience.

The only unexpected aspect came during pack-down. While I’m accustomed to dealing with mud when performing at outdoor festivals, the paintball residue that coated all of my cables was a new experience. The ensuing afternoon of meticulous cable cleaning was an unanticipated, albeit necessary, post-event task.

This experience serves as a reminder that each venue brings its own set of unique characteristics and opportunities, keeping the job exciting and inspiring creative setups.

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